About Saffron

Su-Mei Yu opened Saffron, San Diego’s first Thai restaurant, on India Street in 1985. Her unique approach to creating delicious dishes that nurture the mind, body and soul using healthy Thai cooking techniques quickly earned her national acclaim and a loyal customer following. As one of San Diego’s most loved culinary figures, Su-Mei also hosts a weekly television program on KPBS about our local food community and is the author of numerous cookbooks.

“Food is not only the sustenance that nurtures us,” says Yu, “it is also a remedy, which keeps us healthy and our bodies in balance with nature. It is the medicine that heals us in time of sickness.”

Saffron uses only the freshest ingredients based on the season and local whenever possible. We make our sauces and broths from scratch, preparing everything daily. The result is an award-winning menu that is both affordable and nutritious.

Food for the Body, Mind and Soul

Yu, who grew up in Thailand, designed her menu with the concept of offering food for the Body, Mind and Soul. Her healthy cooking techniques were learned from the elders in Thailand, who taught her which foods have medicinal properties. These properties are cleverly hidden in the tastes, flavors, and aromas of each dish’s natural ingredients.