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“Food is not only the sustenance that nurtures us,” says Yu, “it is also a remedy, which keeps us healthy and our bodies in balance with nature. It is the medicine that heals us in time of sickness.”
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This place is our go to for a healthy,  fast and delicious lunch!  I love their brain food with sweet potatoes, kale, tumeric, chicken and ginger and the chicken and shrimp salad rolls with sweet pepper sauce are so yummy! All gluten free too and friendly service! read more on Yelp


Saffron's award winning menu is the best way to spice up your next party. From intimate affairs of just five people to parties of several hundred guests, Saffron offers numerous catering services and an exotic Thai menu that ensures the success of any get together.

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The award-winning Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken was San Diego’s first authentic Thai restaurant.

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